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Naantali – a holiday favourite

Naantali is the queen, or should we say president, of summer towns, as the summer residence of the President of Finland, Kultaranta, is located here. And all Finns are familiar with the sun of Naantali that shines brighter than anywhere else! The old abbey and spa town has been a popular travel destination since the Middle Ages.

Now, little boutiques and idyllic cafés line the narrow streets of the Old Town, waiting for explorers to find them. The seaside promenade of the harbour is dotted with sunny terraces and cozy restaurants. It’s hard to think of a better place for your spa holiday.

Historically stunning destination

n the Middle Ages, Naantali was known for its abbey, and since then, it has morphed into a lively tourism and relaxation destination. Naantali’s first spa was opened already in the early 18th century when it was discovered that the water in the Viluluoto spring had therapeutic properties that cured illnesses. Since then, Naantali has been a spa town beloved by tourists.

The heart of this seaside town is the Old Town and the guest harbour. There are museums, galleries and plenty to fascinate history lovers. Guided tours are a brilliant way of getting to know the town and its inhabitants. Get lost in a story: how did the spa culture come about, how did the nuns live, how did the President’s summer residence get its first golf cart and how did the tradition of the Seven Sleepers Day begin?

Culinary trip to Naantali

Naantali offers plenty of restaurants, cafés and lovely strolling routes in the heart of the Old Town and by the sea for laid-back holidays. When the day turns into evening, the pubs, bars and restaurants of the town are filled with people in a good mood. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Restaurant Snickari – a restaurant in an idyllic, traditional wooden house
    www.snickari.fi »
  • Naantalin Kaivohuone – an outdoor terrace and a legendary entertainment venue where bands perform on weekends during the summer season
    www.naantalinkaivohuone.fi »

What’s going on?

Naantali hosts many high-quality events, such as the Naantali Music Festival, Seven Sleepers Day Festival and the Naantali Boat Show. And, of course, you can enjoy a performance in an outdoor summer theatre and the company of the Moomins. You can find more information about what is going on in Naantali from these websites:

Events and sights of the surrounding region

The region surrounding Naantali offers plenty of different kinds of events, museums and other excursion destinations for those hungry for culture. Turku, in particular, is a popular destination that has a wide array of events from several festivals to the Medieval Market. Interesting destinations all year round include the Turku Castle, the Cathedral and the Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum. The theatre scene is buzzing: Turku is the home of the Turku City Theatre, Åbo Svenska Teater, Linnateatteri, Turun Nuori Teatteri and Samppalinnan kesäteatteri summer theatre, among others. Concerts are organised weekly, for instance at the Turku Concert Hall and Logomo.

Get to know the events of the surrounding region in more detail: