Sunborn Saga Oy – Environmental Policy

Both Sunborn Saga Oy’s Spa Hotels (Naantali Spa & Ruissalo Spa) are located in immediate proximity to the coastline of Baltic Sea and surrounded by unspoiled nature. The archipelago with its flora and fauna is an integrated part of Spa Hotels’ identity.

Environmental issues and sustainability are important part of our operations. These are often precondition to our potential clients and employees when searching for accommodation, conference venue or future workplace.

Sunborn Saga Oy is an integral partner in developing Varsinais-Suomi Region’s sustainable travel and seeks actively to build a reputation as an organisation with deep commitment to environmental and sustainable values.

To reach our goals we are utilising the regional networks and available resources e.g. by continuously co-operating with local organisations, such as tourist boards and Turku Business Region. We are committed to Visit Finland’s “Sustainable Travel Finland” programme and have applied for an international sustainability scheme with Green Key.

To succeed we will place our environmentally and socially sustainable actions in the centre of all decision making and commit to follow up and further develop sustainability issues. By doing this we aim to reduce our environmental impact and to seek for more sustainable methods and ways to work throughout our operations.

We have an environmental team in our hotels, who will ensure that sustainability issues and values are and will remain part of the induction programme and every team meeting. We keep up our skills and knowledge by organising environmental education, training, and workshops in co-operation with our partners.

We also want to involve our guests in environmental work by guiding and directing them to more sustainable consumption, e.g. energy saving or ecological exercise or transport.

We are fully committed to follow environmental legislation and to reduce our environmental load. We do expect the same commitment from all our partners and shareholders alike.