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Hair Salon Vonhill

Hair salon Vonhill has started its operations at the Spa. We offer individualized and professional services in a relaxed environment with a sea view.

In this full-service hair salon, we excel in various coloring and cutting services, from festive hairstyles to quick 15-minute touch-ups. We also offer grooming cuts and scalp treatments. We prefer vegan and high-quality products.

The shop is located in the Promenade corridor, next to the Promenade Boutique store on the upper landing of the escalators.

You can park with a disc for 2 hours for free in the spa’s parking lot. Spa gift cards are accepted as payment.

Available time slots can be seen in the online booking system below. Reservations can also be made by phone 045 804 8177

The Spa’s parking area allows you 2 hours of free parking with a parking disc. Naantali Spa’s gift cards can be used as payment at the hair salon.

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