Children’s holiday

Children love Naantali

A spa for the entire family

Naantali Spa is perfect for the entire family as we won’t run out of things to do. We offer several sports and playing opportunities for children all year round. The Spa’s own indoor playroom keeps children busy and during school holidays the Children’s Club provides guided activities. The playroom has games, toys and drawing equipment.

There is also plenty to do around the spa. Miniature golf, disc golf, beaches, tennis, SUP boarding, skiing, ice-skating…and if you forgot your own bike or sledge at home, don’t worry! The spa has equipment available for rent and loan for all kinds of activities!

To the Moominworld!

The favourite destination of children and the young-at-heart in Naantali is definitely the Moominworld. In the summery Moominworld, children can hug the Moomins and experience all kinds of fun and tasty things, from Moominmamma’s meatballs to the Moominhouse packed full of adventures. And the Moomins don’t hibernate as the Winter Magic wakes the Moomins to greet children in February. In the autumn, the Moomins organise their own autumnal event.

  • The Moominworld is open during the summer months and the winter and autumn holidays of Finnish schools, visit website »

Children’s Naantali

In Naantali, all services are easily accessible and within walking distance. The miniature train is also a fun way of getting around, and it travels between Naantali Spa and the Old Town in the summer months.

The town’s event selection pays special attention to children. Music, theatre, masquerades, own guided tours and destinations – examples of what is arranged.