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Treatments available from Tue to Sat at 10 am – 6 pm.

Take time for pampering and wellness. Our selection features treatments for the full body from massages to manicures. We also have special treatments for our younger customers!

Everything for your beauty

Naantali Spa’s own beauty salon Bellezza offers you effective and beautifying facials, manicures and pedicures. Both men and women enjoy themselves in our capable hands, and we have a special treatment selection for adolescents.


Massage has been proved to improve circulation and metabolism, relieve muscle tension, ease pain and relax. You can choose a gentler massage or a sports massage, among other things, depending on what you need.

Our massage therapists are health care professionals with appropriate training: trained masseurs, physiotherapist’s assistants or physiotherapists. Suitable massage oils or lotions are used in the massages to protect the skin. Aromatic, pain-relieving or tissue-warming ingredients may be added to the oils or lotions. You are in good hands!


Experience the lovely pampering baths that combine the latest spa innovations with classic spa treatments. Soak in Cleopatra’s famous milk and honey bath or revive your mind and body in a rose bath. We also have a larger tub suitable for a couple’s bath treatment.

peat treatments

For hundreds of years, natural peat products have been used as health and beauty products. Enjoy the cleansing, exfoliating, reviving and moisturising touch of peat.