Special rooms

If you want to book a special room listed below, please contact us:

If you have an allergy

Our allergy-friendly rooms are decorated with furniture and surface materials that are suitable for people with allergies or asthma. The allergy-friendly rooms have parquet floors and down-free bedding. In addition, unscented, allergy-friendly products are used when cleaning. Allergy-friendly rooms can be found in the Spa main building and the Naantali Spa Residence.

If you need an accessible room

Our spa has accessible rooms for people with reduced mobility. The rooms have been designed with usability and easy accessibility in mind. The accessible rooms are Comfort rooms in the Spa main building.

Pets on holiday

Pets are warmly welcome to Naantali Spa. The spacious pet rooms are Deluxe rooms located in the Spa main building, conveniently close to the exits. The selected surface materials are durable and pet-friendly. A list-price fee will be added to the price of the pet room to cover the cleaning expenses after the stay.

Pet rooms are bookable online.

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