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Promenade Botique Naantali Spa

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Naantali Spa’s Promenade Boutique has a wide selection of label clothing, accessories, jewellery and gift items. Our professional and friendly personnel serve you every day of the year.

We also sell tickets to gigs at Naantalin Kaivohuone, for instance.

Our selection features the following labels:

  • Gant Men & Gant Women Autumn 2020 collection
  • Lindbergh – fashionable and high-quality basic menswear for daily use
  • Jack’s – a comfortable, sporty and casual menswear line
  • Signature – a casual and comfortable line in trendy colours and patterns for women, sizes S–XXL
  • Deha – luxurious everyday wear for women:
  • Barbara Lebek – a high-quality German jacket line for women
  • Josh V – a feminine and luxurious Dutch womenswear line
  • Pia Rossini and L’Assessor – accessories and bags
  • Gemini and Korukolmio – accessory jewellery
  • Tammi Jewellery – handmade jewellery made of precious metals for daily use and celebrations

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Opening hours (week 30)

Closed Mon-Fri 13.30–15.30

  • Mon - Fri8.30 - 20.30
  • Sat - Sun9.30 - 19.30