Into the new year with a brand-new look

Naantali Spa is preparing for the new season - take a look at what is happening!

New year, new look

New year, new me? At the spa, we are taking new year’s resolutions quite seriously. During the spring, our lobby is getting a whole new look. And while we are at it, the café and lobby bar will be fully renovated as well.

As any other change project, this one too requires hard work and tolerance for s bit of discomfort. However, we are doing our best to cause as little inconvenience as possible to our customers. The works have begun in January and we are expecting everything to be ready by the end of March.

The new reception desks are already in place and ready to welcome guests!


Stylish union of new and old

Coming soon:

The spa hotel lobby will have new lighting and darker colours, contrasted with the nostalgic, warm marble surfaces. The legendary palm trees at the front will welcome you more proudly than ever.

Light and space

Coming soon:

Windows from floor to ceiling, cozy sofas and light colours will create a calming oasis to enjoy the famous sun of Naantali.

Stylish meeting spot

Coming soon:

The lobby bar is the place to be for some live music, a fun drink, excellent wines or a nightcap. Our tip: the cool new atmosphere is best enjoyed in good company.

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