Naantali Family Hostel

Naantali Family Hostel - affordable accommodation next to the Spa

At the Naantali Family Hostel, in the immediate vicinity of Naantali Spa, you'll have a hostel quality accommodation in spacious rooms. The apartments comprise 2-3 double rooms with complete amenities for you and your family: cooking facilities, refrigerator, tv, free Wi-Fi, shower, bed linen and towels. The hotel is open all year round.

Address Opintie 3, 21100 NAANTALI

Rates per night (Room in 2 or 3 room apartment)
tel +358 2 44 55 100
or online
1.10.-31.12.2017 49,-/room/night (1-2 persons)
1.1.-2.6.2018 52,-/room/night (1-2 persons) 
3.-21.6.2018 62,-/room/night (1-2 persons)
22.6.-11.8.2018 72,-/room/night (1-2 persons)
12.8.-30.9.2017 62,-/room/night (1-2 persons)
1.10.-31.12.2018 52,-/room/night (1-2 persons)

The Family Hostel rates do not include breakfast. A large breakfast buffet at the Spa Hotel is 16 ,-/adult and 8 ,-/child.
Family Hostel residents can use the Spa's sauna and pool department, admission (3 hours) 10 ,-/adult and 7 ,-/child .
The Family Hostel also provides long stay accommodation, please contact bookings for more information.


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