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TK’s – Naantali Spa’s casual family restaurant

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(The restaurant is closed for now)

Casual dining – TK’s

It’s easy to pop by TK’s with the family or a group of friends. We do not take reservations so come whenever your belly is growling!

TK’s vibrant and casual atmosphere can also be seen in the restaurant’s menu. Here, you will find familiar favourites: hearty salads, crunchy pizzas and juicy stakes. Children, of course, have a menu of their own, and you should definitely leave room for dessert.

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Opening hours (week 33)

We will reopen during summer 2020

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Please note that we don’t take table reservations. You are welcome anytime, and should you need to wait for a table, the Spa’s other services and facilities are at your disposal.


Riccardo Soldati ensures a friendly feel

In TK’s, you are greeted with a wide smile and a friendly hello. Chef Riccardo Soldati from northern Italy, close to Milan, greets all guests like the host of the evening. For Riccardo, eating together and a great atmosphere are especially important. “The best flavour experiences are created when both the food and atmosphere are just right. For me, fine dining simply means that the food is great and everyone is happy,” says Riccardo.

The best flavour experiences are created when both the food and atmosphere are just right.

According to Riccardo, dining is an experience that can also be enjoyed at home, but when you decide to go out and enjoy quality time with friends, the service has to be warm and right: “That is why we try to keep the atmosphere at TK’s homey, like you were visiting a friend.”

Riccardo describes himself as a 360-degree chef. Since he was little, he has been involved in the kitchen, the vegetable patch and the cowshed. Riccardo’s family still runs a restaurant in the Italian countryside. “When the ingredients are grown with love, you don’t need any magic tricks to make something special out of them,” says Riccardo. That is why he pays special attention to the origin of the food and how it has been grown.

TK’s menu reflects Riccardo’s culinary philosophy: careful groundwork from farm to table, hospitality and leisurely dining in great company. On the menu, you can find, for instance, pizza with a handmade dough that has been raised traditionally for 48 hours, aperitifs are served with tomato bruschetta and olives, and starters include portions that can be easily shared. Riccardo thinks that children should be taken into account in restaurants, which is why TK’s has its own children’s menu: “We must also offer children healthy and tasty food. That’s how we will keep our food culture vibrant for generations to come.”

Perfect for groups

Are you coming with a larger group? You should definitely book a cabinet for your night out – Salakapakka fits 30 people and TK’s Club 32 people – and order a customised group menu or theme buffet. The options include a Mediterranean dinner or a BBQ Buffet, among others.

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