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Hair salon

Hair salon

In addition to the many facial and body treatments on offer at Naantali Spa, there's also a full service hair salon. Our skilled hair stylists are on hand to ensure you don't have to endure a bad hair day, providing a full range of services in a well-equipped salon. Depilation treatments are also available.

Appointment reservations p. 02-4455800 or 02-4455856


Price list 2014

  Mon-Fri Sat-Sun
Shampooing, cut and blow-drying/hairdressing 51,- 56,-
Haircut 30 min 31,- 34,-
For children (under 12): cut 22,- 24,-
Cut + hairdressing/blow-drying 41,- 45,-
Chignon from 76,- 84,-
Wedding Hairdressing (incl. test set) from 136,- 150,-
Colouring/stripes, cut and drying from 91,- 100,-
Colouring and drying from 76,- 81,-
Colouring from 66,- 73,-
Perm, cut, drying/hairdressing from 95,- 105,-
Perm, cut, tinting and hairdressing from 126,- 139,-
Treatment Package 62,- 68,-
Therapy treatment for hair/scalp, scalp massage and hairdressing.