Treatments of the month from May to August 2017

Zfill hualuronic acid treatment

  • The Zfill product line is suitable for general skin refreshing as well as for the treatment of very deep wrinkles, volume enhancement and lip augmentation
  • Price 325,- | Spa Club -10%  | Sat-Sun 365,-

Vie Collection Mesoforce facial treatment + Light day make-up

  • Vitamin and hyaluronic acid treatment to prevent aging of the skin
  • Price 89,- | Spa Club 81,- | Sat-Sun 127,-

Relaxing foot treatment

  • Foot peel and light massage
  • Price 37,- |  Spa Club 33,- | Sat-Sun 45,-

Balinese massage

  • This massage method that follows Asian tradition is based on pushing and pressing techniques, which have a relaxing effect on the deepest muscles and tissues
  • Price 75,- | Spa Club 69,- | Sat-Sun 90,-


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Finland celebrates 100 years

To celebrate the 100 years of independence of Finland, Sunborn spas will bring Finnish traditions to the limelight, offering versatile programme, events, surprises and much more throughout the year 2017. The programme will be updated as the year proceeds, culminating in the Independence Day celebration on the 6th of December 2017.

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