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Just off the coast of Naantali lies the Saaristo Archipelago, a remarkable collection of more than 20,000 islands linked by a network of bridges and ferries and defined by a rare unspoilt beauty and a lingering sense of peace and tranquillity. Some of the larger islands are occupied, while others are little more than lone rocky islets, populated only by the occasional bird. Visiting the archipelago during your stay at Naantali Spa couldn't be simpler. From Naantali, the large island of Merimasku is a short drive and from there, ferries will take you on an island-hopping trip of a lifetime.

Naantali itself is worth exploring too. There's a real sense of tradition and maritime history at the harbour and in the narrow streets of the old town. There's also something for everyone, whenever you visit - and whatever the weather!

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